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Estonian Torupill played by Sandra Sillamaa Matt Seattle, playing the border pipes Gaita, Valencia, Spain zampogna, Italy zampogna Marco Cignitti Cabrette players - Auvergne, France Yan Cozian et Martin Lassouque Lefteris Grigoriou Denise Quail “I was playing at the RSPCA Pirate Day in Derby! Blimey, did those poor dogs howl!” G pipes by Dominic Allan Julian Goodacre Julian Goodacre displays some of his pipes. Pitt museum Oxford Dominic Allan Dominic Allan demonstrates a set of his border pipes.

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An Italian Rant Sep 2011 in Chanter 2011 Autumn

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Italian pipers in Wales Sep 2010 in Chanter 2010 Autumn

Two references to Italian bagpipers have been sent to me by Tony Laverick of The Lowland and Border Pipes’ Society. They are from Journal of a Country Curate. (Selections from the diary of Francis Kilvert 1870-1879) Published by The Folio Society 1977. Kilvert was the curate at Clyro in Radnorshire; a small village not far from Kinnersley, where Pat & I are getting married in June. Itinerant Italian Zampogna players were a common sight in the UK in the 19th century.

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Leicestershire Piper in Italy Mar 1986 in Chanter 1986 Spring

This edition is from our archives, so it is presented as scanned pages rather than text.

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