Blowout 2019 Mar 2019

That was another great weekend! Next year’s Blowout will be 5-7 June 2020. See you then Blowout 2019 featured: Unisonus Branschke / Armstrong Duo Yan Cozian Jon Swayne and Friends Chris Bacon Chris Allen Terry Mann Pat Goodacre Artistes Unisonus (Sat, Sun concerts, workshop) Unisonus are a young ensemble from Salzburg and neighbouring Bavaria. Their main interest lies in exploring and interpreting old sources of popular music as well as contemporary Central European folk music.

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Blowout 2018 Feb 2018

Blowout 2018 is now a fond memory of a brilliant weekend! Blowout 2019 will be 31st May to 2nd June 2019 Featuring: Eric Montbel ZampogneriA Jane and Eric Moulder Terry Mann Paul Roberts Steve Tyler and Katy Marchant Pat Goodacre plus … The Friday Tune competition!! Programme Saturday programme Sunday programme Tickets We can no longer accept advance payment, but tickets can still be bought on arrival, so fear not!

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Polesworth Abbey, near Tamworth, Staffs Featuring Griff Trio Cätlin Mägi The Jon Swayne Mystery Band David Faulkner and Steve Turner Paul Roberts Sean Jones Scott Marshall Pat Goodacre Terry Mann plus… The Friday Tune competition!! Download: Saturday schedule Sunday schedule For workshop material downloads, go to the “Workshops” section below Griff (Sat, Sun) “They are 3. They are from Belgium. And they are great musicians.

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The Blowout Jul 2016

The Blowout is our annual celebration of pipes. Next year’s Blowout will be 5th to 7th June 2020 and tickets will be on sale late Feb 2020 Click here to see who was booked in 2019

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Blowout 2016 Jun 2016

Polesworth Abbey, near Tamworth, Staffs 3rd to 5th June Featuring Savage Prunes Juraj Dufek Estron MoltenAmba Jean Pierre Rasle Vicki Swan Sean Jones Cliff Stapleton Julian Scott Dave Rowlands Andy Letcher plus… The Friday Tune competition! Savage Prunes Callum Armstrong of the Savage Prunes The Savage Prunes are a young and innovative band from England, playing new compositions on traditional instruments. Having won the ‘Petit Formations’ competition at Le Son Continu 2015 as a duo, the ‘Prunes’ now exist as a trio.

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Blowout 2015 Jun 2015

Who performed in 2015: Trio Matta Rouch Balázs Istvánfi and András Németh Jon Swayne and Becky Price (Bal) Rohan Kriwaczek Paul Martin Chris Allen Dave Rowlands Andy Letcher John Tose Trio Matta Rouch Trio Matta Rouch Welcome to this talented trio of musicians and instrument makers, who have done so much to revive and sustain the music, traditions and instruments of the Occitan region of southern France.

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Blowout 2013 Jun 2013

Blowout 2013 – Our 21st! Were you there? Polesworth Abbey, near Tamworth, Staffs Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June Featuring Antón Varela trio Cliff Stapleton Callum Armstrong Vicki Swan Pete Stewart Heretique Tom Hughes Richard York Antón Varela (Concerts, workshops, Sat & Sun) Antón is one of Galicia’s top gaita players, who won some of the most important gaita competition prizes in the early stages of his career, which started in the seventies.

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Blowout 2012 Jun 2012

Blowout 2012 – were you there? Olle Gällmo (All weekend, including presentation, concerts Saturday and Sunday, Saturday Bal) Olle Gällmo is a Swedish musician and ‘Riksspelman’, known for his work in playing and promoting the traditional Swedish bagpipe – säckpipa. In 1991 he began researching the Swedish bagpipe tradition and has since become one of the instrument’s most vocal proponents, in Sweden and abroad. In 2008 he became the fifth bagpiper ever to receive the Zorn silver medal and, thereby, the right to the honorary title “Riksspelman”.

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