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Promoting the bagpipe revival since 1986

Blowout 2016 - a great success. Next year will be number 25!

We have a great video of Blowout 2015. See our Blowout page. Also, more videos of the concert are being regularly posted. See our Facebook page for links

Check out our bagpipe guide to find out more about the many bagpipes played in Britain today

We publish our journal, Chanter, four times a year. Read sample articles here.

Every June we host the Blowout, a festival of piping with concerts, dances and workshops

The Bagpipe Society was formed in 1986 to bring together players, makers, researchers and people who love the bagpipes.
  • to encourage more people to take up the bagpipes
  • to help players share tunes and techniques
  • to help beginners find expert tuition
  • to inform people about the diversity of bagpipes played today
  • to inform people about the social and cultural history of this important folk instrument
  • to encourage research into all aspects of piping
  • to help people make their own pipes
  • to help foster better cultural understanding through an appreciation of the many and varied piping traditions of the world

Join us and support the work we do in promoting this extraordinary, ancient and exciting instrument.

The Bagpipe Society consists of players, teachers, makers, and anyone who just loves listening or dancing to the sound of the pipes.

Photo Gallery

Pipes and pipers in Britain and beyond.

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