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What’s in a name Jul 2016 in Chanter 2016 Summer

You may remember in the Winter 2014 Chanter, I reported that there was an online petition to protest about the proposed change of name to the Boha. At the IBO Conference Yan Cozian and Jean Michel Espinasse explained the background to the issue and below is an abbreviation of their talk. — Editor. Occitan The word, boha, is an Occitan word, which comes from the verb “to blow”.

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Review of the Musette Conference Sep 2019 in Chanter 2019 Autumn

Review of The Musette conference by Andrea Kirkby The musette is an anomaly in the piping world; an ‘elite’ art-music instrument, forever identified with the nobility of the court of Louis XIV at Versailles. It may present itself as a pastoral instrument, but it has as much to do with real sheep and shepherds as Florence Foster Jenkins did with bel canto. The musette had been lost from sight after the French Revolution - arguably, it was already obsolete by the time the ancien régime caved in - until Jean-Christophe Maillard rediscovered the instrument and its repertoire, and Rémy Dubois started making copies of original instruments.

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On Saturday morning, just as people were arriving, Thodoris, one of the volunteers, walked up to me and whispered: “Wow! I had no idea Andy Letcher was such a rock star!” This is what the International Bagpipe Conference is about: putting faces to names (sometimes they look like proper rock stars), meeting new people, creating contacts and having a piping time. This year’s International Bagpipe Conference was held at the National Piping Centre in Glasgow.

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Cabrette Tuning Yet Again... Mar 2016 in Chanter 2016 Spring

It’s good to see the subject of tuning and scales capturing the interest of members, because it’s a subject hard to understand and therefore not well understood. So I was fascinated to turn to Ray Brown’s thoughts on the tuning of the Cabrette in the Winter 2015 edition of Chanter, the third response to Ian Clabburn’s original article in Chanter of Summer 2014. Ray covered a wide range of topics and raised a large number of questions.

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