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The Bagpipe Society’s YouTube Channel

Saving Cultural Heritage: A Journey Through Sweden’s Musical Tradition


  • The Bagpipe Society’s List of Tutors, Worldwide We have compiled a list of members who are happy to set beginner pipers on their journey of sonic discovery. The emphasis is on non Highland pipes, but we can also help in this area. Contact

  • Die Dudelsackschule, Germany Die Dudelsackschule is a piping school in Germany, near Frankfurt and Darmstadt, founded by Benedikt Groh

  • English Border Pipe tuition for all levels, Cornwall, UK. Lively, enthusiastic and experienced teacher, covering all aspects of bagpipe technique, from pressure control to complex ornamentation. Styles covered: English, French, Medieval. Suitable for English Border pipes or any similar, half-closed instrument. Reasonable rates. andyletcher”at”

Instrument Makers and Suppliers

Non Highland

Jon Swayne (UK)

Julian Goodacre (UK)

Sean Jones (UK)

Kaba Gaida (Bulgaria)

Hubert Kwisthout – Uilleann pipes (UK)

Yan Cozian - Boha (France)

Robert Matta (France)

Richard & Anita Evans (UK)

Bernard Blanc (France)

Michael Hoffman (Germany)

Cornemuse Jolipipe (Netherlands)

Seivane Gaitas (Spain)

La Ponta Greek pipes (Greece)

Ian Kinnear Scottish Smallpipes (UK)

Iona Bagpipes (Australia)

Dave Shaw (UK)

Lochalsh Pipes (UK)

John Burke (UK)

Andrus Taul (Estonia)

Redpipes electronic Bagpipes (Germany)

Ray Sloan - Uilleann Pipes (France)

Ray Sloan - Border Pipes (France)

Highland Pipe Makers and Suppliers

Stirling Bagpipes (UK)

Colin Kyo Bagpipes (USA)

R G Hardie & Co (UK)

Somers Bagpipes (USA)

Duncan Soutar of St Andrews (UK)

Kilberry Bagpipes (UK)

Chris McNeilly (UK)

Columbia Music International (USA)Inveran (UK)

Kintail (UK)

More About Our Favourite Instrument

Virtual Museum Of The Bagpipe Of The Lands Of Gascogny

The Tsabouna/Tulum

Jean Vigouroux – cabrette player and reed maker (France)

La Cornemuse Landaise - Boha (France)

Tour d’Europe des Cornemuses en video. A compendium of YouTube clips of pipes and pipers from all round Europe – well worth a look

Thorstens Sackpfeifen-Seiten (Germany)

Universe of Bagpipes (USA)

Swedish Bagpipes (Sweden)

Cornemuses d’Europe et de Mediterranee (France)

Stefans Sackpfeifenclub (Germany)

Galician Bagpipes (Spain)

Musette (France) (France)

Associacao Gaita-de-Foles (Portugal)

Estonian Torupill

Bohaires de Gasconha (France)

The Bagpipe School – care and maintenance of the Great Highland pipe (UK)

The History of Bagpipes in Theater (USA)

The Baghet of the Bergamo region (Italy). Includes detailed tech drawings

La Piva, the bagpipe of North Italy

How to make Scottish Smallpipes (German)

Bernd Eichler: Das Hummelchen – ein altdeutscher Dudelsack (History, reconstruction, tech drawings, (German)

Lots of pipes! (Spanish)


Rémi Decker (Belgium)

Yan Cozian (France)

Andy Letcher (UK)

Benedikt Groh (Germany)

George Stevens (UK)

Paolo Di Nicola (Italy)

Richard York (UK)

Fraser Fifield (UK)

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer (UK)

Lammas (UK)

Blowzabella (UK)

Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy (Australia)

Ro:Toro (Estonia)



Northumbrian Pipers’ Society (UK)

Ipswich Piping Society (UK)

Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society (UK)

The Pipers’ Gathering (USA)

Pipes Drums (Canada)

Other Resources

Book Retailers

Verlag der Spielleute (Germany)

Dragonfly Music (UK)

CD Retailers

Verlag der Spielleute (Germany)

Felmay (Italy)

FAMDT (France)

Pipe making

Making a Set of Northumbrian Smallpipes

Touchstone Tonewoods (hardwood supplier)

Octopus Woodworks Ltd Turkey (instrument wood supplier, inc boxwood)

Music Resources Bibliotheque musicale A huge and historically important online library of collected traditional French dance and song melodies, arranged by region and the collector (eg Achille MILLIEN (1838-1927). All tunes are downloadable as midi or Melody Assistant (.myr) files.

Andrea’s Trad Music & Dance Links List A comprehensive resource well worth exploring!

Rossleigh Music A very good resource for Northumbrian Smallpipe Tunes arranged for 2 or 3 players. Plenty of music to listen to, and buy, plus links to YouTube clips of Northumbrian piping

Archive Recordings (France)

Couleur Chabrette

Auvergne Musique (France)

Breton Music

Free Breton music scores for flute, violin, Scottish bagpipes, bombarde

Breizh Partitions

Musique Traditionnelle

Welsh Tunes

Welsh tunes arranged for Pibcorn by John Tose (part 1)

Welsh tunes arranged for Pibcorn by John Tose (part 2)

abc Music Resources

abc music notation homepage

Folk Tune Finder

The Session

abc music collections by Michel Bellon

JC’s abc Tune Finder


Musiques Traditonnelles en Liberté

Centre France – Les Bourdons du sud (France)



Les Panards Dansants (UK)

Ockbrook – French Dance (UK)

On Bouge (UK)

Musical Traditions (UK)

Musictrad (France)

Mustradem (France)

CMTRA (France)

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