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Spotlight On .... Lisa Wolf Dec 2019 in Chanter 2019 Winter

Lisa Wolf, is a bagpipe maker and player, born in Germany but is now living in central France. But how did I get there ? It is a long way from the mountains of Swabia to the beautiful Berry region ; the country of George Sands: the Maitres Sonneurs, the festival of St Chartier, the seventies revival of traditional music and, of course, the all-important bagpipes, culminating in the development of the

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Images to follow On the Facebook page of l’Atelier d’un Souffle à l’autre, run by Remy Dubois and Olle Geris, you can regularly see detailed photos with the title: “Ce matin à l’atelier …” “This morning in the workshop…” Through these photographs, you can more or less follow the painstakingly precise way in which bagpipes are made. Intriguing, all that fine turning, drilling and cutting work by skilled instrument makers who are clearly working with heart and soul, to please musicians with their exquisite wind instruments.

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