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Chanter Winter 2023

Grace Notes Moulder, Jane Trad Various
International Bagpipe Conference Balosso-Bardin, Cassandre International Bagpipe Organisation
The Pipers' Gathering Connor, Rebecca Donald, Nan Trad
Piping on a Monadnock Trad Various Zloch, Merit
Nova Scotia Bagpipe Makers Shears, Barry W Trad Various
Sordelline, Cornamuse e Musettes Conference Montbel, Eric Trad Various
A Meeting with Rudi Lughofer Trad Wagner, Lucia
CD Review: Rowly-Powly by Jeremy Kingsbury Gelson, Iain Martin, Paul Trad Various
Seasonal Bagpipe Tunes Faulkner, David
In the Bag: Olle Geris Geris, Olle Letcher, Andy
Front cover: Olle Geris playing for the bal with Toon van Mierlo at The Blowout, June 2023. Photo by Iori Thorpe.
Back cover: A detail from the doorway to the Chiesa di San Nicola dei Greci, Puglia, Italy. The church dates back to 1232, but the doorway was constructed between 1574-1576. Thanks to Pilar Figueras for the image.

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