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Blowout ‑ 5th ‑ 7th June, 2020

Olle Geris & Toon van Mierlo, Olle Gällmo

Porembela, Quentin Budworth, Dave Rowlands

John Tose, Terry Mann

•plus … The Friday Tune competition!!

Full details of the Blowout 2020 can be found on The Bagpipe Society website. Here you will find biographies of the performers and workshop leaders together with details of the workshops and any sheet music that is going to be used. You can also find arrangements for camping and cuisine – including a full menu by our new caterer! Most importantly, there is also a link to enable you to book your ticket!

Olle Gällmo (concerts & workshops) is a Swedish

musician and riksspelman, known for his work in playing and promoting the traditional Swedish bagpipe.

Olle Geris (concerts, bal and workshops)

is a bagpipe maker and musician from Belgium. She studied piping with Jean-Pierre van Hees and instrument making with Remy Dubois. A winner As well as making and playing Olle numerous bagpiping and reed- making courses.

Toon van Mierlo (concerts, bal and

workshops) Having studied oboe, Toon fell

head over heels for the uillean pipes and French pipes, clarinet, soprano sax, and button accordion soon followed. Today he plays with Naragonia amongst other bands and in duo with Olle Geris.

Porembela (concerts & workshops)

Hailing, respectively, from Poland and Galicia, Michał Poręba and Gerardo Albela have different cultures and languages and different musical backgrounds but they mix all the differences together exploring their different folklores through to their own compositions.

Quentin Budworth (Saturday workshops) is a hurdy-gurdy player and composer on a quest. He has travelled extensively to learn from master gurdy players from different traditions. He plays as a soloist and with world music band Celtarabia, the Hessle Ceilidh band and The Grinnigogs.

Dave Rowlands (Sat, Sun workshops) will be well known

to Blowout attendees. Playing pipes since the late 70s, he

has combined his knowledge of dance with his love of drone music in writing, arranging and printing many tunes.

Workshops: Olle Gällmo:• Swedish tunes by ear - for G pipes (Sat), Swedish tunes for Säckpipa in E/A (Sun)
**Olle Geris: **Piping techniques & ornamenting (Sat), Playing rounds on bagpipes
**Toon van Mierlo, Tone making on the bagpipe (Sat). and playing Variations
Quentin Budworth - Hurdy Gurdy (Session 1)
– **different trompette techniques
(Session 2) – developing and composing tunes.
PorembelaGaita: the Galician bagpipes (Sat): history, types, repertoire, fingerings, tunings. (Sun). A blending of Poland, Galicia and Wales – combining three cultures in music – for instruments in G.
**Dave Rowlands: **ADVANCED for D pipes only. Collecting from other traditions, with a focus on the French harpsichord tradition at the court of Louis XIV.
**John Tose - **Ensemble playing:• Pachelbel’s Canon in D. ADVANCED for G & D pipes - must read music and be confident playing in ensemble.• To be performed at the Sat concert.
Terry Mann - Pipers’ Surgery (Sat) Now a regular feature of the festival, come with questions about technique, posture, repertoire, or practice and he will do his best to help!
Ian Clabburn - Absolute Beginners (Sat) For anyone who has just started out and would like a bit of help in establishing good practice from the outset. Loan pipes are available.
**FRIDAY NIGHT COMPETITION! **This year’s theme is “Bagpipe Charades” with classes for soloists, duets or ensembles and to simplify the judging process, each entrant must define their own individual judging rules.

**Makers’ stalls:
**The following pipe makers will be exhibiting their wares and will be glad to help you draw up your wish list: Jon Swayne, Julian Goodacre, Sean Jones, Jim Parr, Terry Mann. Whistle maker Phil Bleazey will also be in attendance. Don’t forget The Bagpipe Society’s second-hand pipes, books & CD Stall. Buy, sell, swap, donate - it’s up to you!
**Blowout menu: **This year we are very pleased to welcome Mo, of Simply Paella
(, who will be providing all the catering for the weekend. All meals MUST be booked and paid for in advance and the cut off for meal bookings is Saturday 30th May.

Details about camping, directions and payment for the Blowout are all on the website.