Musette de Cour

Bagpipes in the West Highland Museum Sep 2019 in Chanter 2019 Autumn

Bagpipes in the West Highland Museum by Ross Calderwood and James Merryweather In April 2019, the two of us visited Fort William to examine properly the bagpipes we had previously seen on display at the museum there, inaccessible behind glass but recognised as, at the very least, interesting. Having gained the interest and trust of the curator, we were also shown boxes of complete and incomplete bagpipes which the museum had insufficient space for display.

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In the Bag: Callum Armstrong Mar 2016 in Chanter 2016 Spring

Callum Armstrong is an experimental piper who enjoys exploring the possibilities of the pipes. He won the solo prize in 2014 and the ‘Petite Formation’ Prize in 2015 with Cellist George Pasca at the ‘Son Continu’ Festival in France. Callum has recently collaborated with Julian Goodacre to develop a smallpipe chanter with almost 3 octaves, and is currently working developing a technique for the ‘double Scottish smallpipe chanter. Amongst Callum’s current projects are learning and developing reeds for ancient auloi and learning the Musette de cour.

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Baroque Musette (Musette de Cour) The Baroque Musette (Musette de Cour) First appearing in France at the very end of the sixteenth century, the musette was refined over the next hundred years by a number of instrument-making families. The best-known contributions came from the Hotteterre family: Martin Hotteterre added a second chanter, extending the instrument’s range. The short cylinder of the musette drone contains airways that double back on themselves.

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