Mysterious Symbolism of Askos Sep 2020 in Chanter 2020 Autumn

Part 1: Ruminating Mythology “Myths speak of human destiny in its essential prism"1 This study focuses on the transcendental symbolism of the Askos (From ancient Greek ἀσκός bag, wineskin), as it was understood and constructed through the process of “symbolism” in the meditation of the ancient religious person in Greece from the Bronze Age to the present day. This presentation is a summary of the data drawn both from distinguished scholars of the ancient world and its mythology, as well as through the texts of the Greek literature through, in an attempt to illustrate to a certain extent, unknown aspects of its character and the Dionysian religion with which it is intertwined, because the “monstrous and unnatural character of the myths motivates the listeners in the search for the truth, the apparent teratology becomes the beginning in the search for the research” (Proklus)

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