Gällmo, Olle

Expedition in the North - Part 2 Sep 2021 in Chanter 2021 Autumn

Dear readers, welcome to the second part of my article for Chanter magazine. This article is about my artistic research project: Expedition in the North - Logbook from a Belgian bagpiper. I wrote a paper about this project as part of my Nordic Master in Folk Music studies (2017-2019). In the first part of the article, (see the last edition of Chanter), I wrote a brief personal summary of the history/geography of the bagpipe in the Nordic countries.

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Blowout 2012 Jun 2012

Blowout 2012 – were you there? Olle Gällmo (All weekend, including presentation, concerts Saturday and Sunday, Saturday Bal) Olle Gällmo is a Swedish musician and ‘Riksspelman’, known for his work in playing and promoting the traditional Swedish bagpipe – säckpipa. In 1991 he began researching the Swedish bagpipe tradition and has since become one of the instrument’s most vocal proponents, in Sweden and abroad. In 2008 he became the fifth bagpiper ever to receive the Zorn silver medal and, thereby, the right to the honorary title “Riksspelman”.

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