The Bagpipe Society

Chanter Summer 2023

Grace Notes Letcher, Andy Moulder, Jane Stobel, Weibe Trad
Trad Akademie Trad Zloch, Merit
Californian Bagpipe Diaries Balosso-Bardin, Cassandre
This is the Way Part II Anistratov, Alexander Anon Trad Various
The Muzelsak - Muchosá Part 1 Ranson, Pol Trad
The Gaida in Greece Ouzounis, Athanasios Trad
In the Bag - Pete Stacey Letcher, Andy Stacey, Peter Trad Various
Front cover: Athanasios Ouzounis. Photo by Thanasis Lomef Zacharopoulos
Rear cover: Spotted in the Rotunda Museum by Michael Ross whilst on holiday in Scarborough, UK. The accompanying panel describes it as "medieval glass panel", believed to date from 14th century.*

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