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Chanter Autumn 2018

Grace Notes Moulder, Jane Trad
Blowout Report 2018 Featherston, George Trad Various
Bagpiping – Always in the margins? Bynoe, Jonathan
Pewter Inlay on the Boha Burbaud, Patrick Various
Bagpipes in Lithuania: From historical facts to modern interpretations Kovera, Gvidas Trad Various
A slow boat to Sweden: creating my säckpipa over a mere twenty-seven years... Anon Mann, Terry Trad Various
Further Adventures of the Wandering Piper Hughes, Tom Trad
CD Review Various
In the Bag Ashcroft, Catherine Various

Autumn 2018, Edited by Jane Moulder

Vol 32, No 3

Front cover: Gvidas Kovėra and Todar Kaschkurėvich appearing at the Kaunus Jazz Festival. Photo by Marijus Petrauskis
Back cover: A very charming monkey who sits in a niche on a facade of the Chateau du Blois, Loire Valley, France

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