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Whiston Lodge Bagpipe Parade

Photos by Phil keen

A set of photos taken last New Year which I came upon on Facebook and which the photographer Phil Keen has allowed us to use here. The event appears to take place annually and it features on several videos on Youtube. The 2009 event is featured in two videos on the Daveburbidge channel - ‘Wiston Lodge New Year Pipers part 1’ (9.39 mins.) and ‘Wiston Lodge New Year Pipers part 2’ (5.48 mins.). Both are of the procession around the Lodge led by Julian Goodacre. The 2010 event is documented on videos on the Lakelandvoices channel - the procession in ‘Wiston Lodge New Year Pipers 2010.MOD’ (9.32 mins.) and performances by other pipers in: ‘Wiston Lodge Goodacre Brothers bagpipes.MOD’ (The Goodacre Brothers, obviously), ‘Wiston Lodge Vanessa and Ziggy pipes and hurdy gurdy.MOD’ (featuring Vanessa Ryall on pipes and singing), ‘Wiston Lodge Crafty Beggars’ bagpipes and fiddle.MOD’, and ‘Wiston Lodge dance New Year’s eve 2010.MOD’ with massed playing of all kinds of instruments including pipes.

John Tose