Norudde, Anders

In the bag - Anders Norudde Mar 2015 in Chanter 2015 Spring

Anders Norudde is a multi-instrumentalist and violin maker, most famous for playing in Swedish/Finnish band Hedningarna (‘the Heathens”). As well as violin, moraharpa, bowed harp, willowflutes and whistles, he plays Swedish bagpipes, which he took up in 1981. The most recent Hedningarna album, &, was released in 2012. What bagpipes do you play. I play the Swedish bagpipes. Until six months ago I just had my old set from the 80s made by Leif Eriksson, though modified by me with a new bag.

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Review - Bla Bergens Borduner CD Mar 2015 in Chanter 2015 Spring

Blå Bergens Borduner CD Amigo AMCD 72. Anders Norudde säckpipa, hardangerfela, fiddle, moraharpa, willow flute Göran Fredriksson bouzouki, hurdy gurdy Ulf Karlsson säckpipa, fiddle Stefan Ekedahl säckpipa, cello, flute Some years ago, I would regularly listen to the internet radio station DRFolk, sadly now closed. Every so often, I would hear music so good that I had to track it down.

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