Gutteridge, Lizzie

Lizzie Gutteridge plays with Blondel, The York Waits, Colchester Waits and more besides. She may be better known as a shawm player, but she’s also a fine piper. Since 2016 she has been arranging some music from the 13th to 15th centuries for playing on bagpipes. This is the third volume. It contains 10 pieces arranged for G and D pipes. Her introductory notes give the background to the pieces, and this is helpful if you, like me, are not familiar with all of them.

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Where to go next Feb 2021 in Chanter 2021 Spring

Having, hopefully, given you some new ideas and interest in the history of bagpipes, I asked a few people where they could go next to explore. ‘History’ is, of course, relative and there are a vast range of options depending on your interests but here are just a few suggestions: Piper, Lizzie Gutteridge suggested that if you would like to play medieval music, then you may wish to consider the three editions she has published of medieval music arranged for bagpipe ensemble: “Three books of Medieval music arranged for bagpipe ensemble, with a mixture of original harmonies and counter melodies and new arrangements by Lizzie Gutteridge.

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