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The Bagpipe Society takes no responsibility for transactions arising from adverts appearing on this page. We strongly advise that whenever possible, you try before you buy and seek advice from an expert on this type of pipe.

To place an advert, contact, sending full details, price, postage arrangements and, if you are a paid up member, a photograph of the pipes.

Gaita by Corral and Perez


Gaita in C in boxwood (one drone).

Maker’s stamps A.Corral, Lugo and J.Perez, Lugo. The set is old but OK, needs a wee bit of TLC to get them into tip top condition, hence the price, but still play as they are. Case and spare (new Seivane ) chanter reed. Photos on request.



Smallpipes by Fred Morrison


A set of Fred Morrison smallpipes in A, in basically unused condition. They’d be about £2k new but I only paid £1330 for them new about a year and a half ago so that’s what I’d be looking for, plus postage. Contact

Uillean Pipes by Sean Jones


Practice set of Sean Jones Uilleann pipes for sale. Hardly used. Will pass on a book and cd tutorial as well. £1000. Paid £1250 for them three years ago. They are in excellent condition. The practice set consists of a chanter, bellows and a bag.

I will only exchange the instrument in person for cash or will post if I receive a bank transfer. Contact Helen on 07477909429. I live in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

Montgomery Smallpipes by Julian Goodacre


Montgomery Smallpipes. Made by Julian Goodacre of Peebles. Open Chanter (in E), bellows blown. Hardly used and in new condition. At present in Australia, but could be in Oxfordshire from 4th December (2022)

£1,000 ono

Photos on request

Contact: Bryan

Seivane Gaita in C


Looking to sell brand new Seivane gaita set in C or exchange for a bellows blown set of Fred Morrison smallpipes in A. I’m predominantly a Highland piper and bought and started to learn the gaita with the best of intentions. However I have realized I just don’t have the time to take up a second instrument. My loss, your gain. The gaita set is made from granadilla with engraved triskele silver ring caps, bass drone, chanter and tenor drone, black velvet cover with black and red cords. Comes with sturdy Seivane embossed carry case.

Photos on request

Price: £2,000

Contact: Malcolm at

Zampogna by Marco Ciancaruso


Zampogna made by Marco Ciancaruso of Chiasso, Switzerland, in 2006.

The chanters are both G to D but an octave apart, the bass chanter runs G, A, Bb, B, C, D and the top chanter has the additions of an F# lead in and C#. The single drone is D, same note as the D on the bass chanter. The instrument is set up for use with bellows, not included. The woods are various but all appear to be fruit. The pipes are in basic working order, ie. all the pipes work well enough individually but some ability and understanding of setting up will be necessary to get them singing together sweetly, they have not been played for some years now. They come with a hard case and some Zampogna music including a simple tutorial. £475 Photos on request.

Contact: or phone 07932 725 021. Carriage can be arranged by the buyer or picked up from mid Suffolk or a mutual arrangement may be found

English Double Pipes by Julian Goodacre

2024-01-31 English double pipes with drone in F (six-finger C). Closed fingering and bellows blown. Excellent condition, hardly used.

This is a fairly quiet smallpipe with a chanter having two reeds and two bores which can be fingered separately to produce simple harmonies and counter melodies.

Price £850.00 or nearest offer.

Contact Veronica Thomas 01296 696795

Hurdy Gurdy by Xavier Leclerc

2024-02-18 A rare opportunity to acquire a Gurdy by Xavier Leclerc. The Vielle ‘Droite’ Chifonie is, as the name implies, styled as a Symphony. It has two Chanterelles in G and two Drone strings, a Bourdon in C and a Trompette in C. I have only played it for demonstration purposes. It has slight wear on the lid from my thumb and a replacement tuning peg, otherwise it is in good condition. It comes with a wooden case. New Price 03 April 2024: £1400 plus carriage. Contact Trevor James on 07982 073 364 or email

Zampogna by Master Ilario Garbani


Zampogna. Made by Master Ilario Garbani from Ticino, Switzerland.

With key “25”, key G major

Plum wood and cherry wood, goat hide bag Made around 2002. Hardly used and in new condition.

Currently in France, Brittany.

Asking price: € 500 (plus delivery fees)

Photos on request

Please contact: Gwenola

Duda by Master József Kozàk


Hungarian duda. Made by Master József Kozàk from Hungary, a researcher and bagpipe maker, awarded the title of Young Master of folk Art in 1978 and a prize from the Hungarian Instrument Makers’ Association in 2003.

Plum tree, Hungarian grey-cow horn, goat skin bag

Tonality: A/do

Made in 2001. Hardly used and in new condition.

Currently in France, Brittany.

Asking price: € 800 (plus delivery fees)

Photos on request

Please contact: Gwenola

Sac de Gémecs by Master Miquel Àngel Ortiz


Sac de Gémecs made by Master Miquel Àngel Ortiz, from Spain, Catalonia.

Boxwood and ebony crow.

Tonality: Do/C

Made around 2002

Hardly used and in new condition.

Currently in France, Brittany.

Asking price: € 700 (plus delivery fees)

Photos on request

Please contact: Gwenola