The Bagpipe Society

Letters and notices

Dear Jane,

I have recently acquired a set of Jon Swayne pipes and joined the BagSoc.

I am keen to learn as much as I can about my new pastime so I have been working my way through all the online back issues of The Chanter and I’ve enjoyed every edition. I am now wondering whether BagSoc members have a list of favourite books on bagpipes they could recommend. It would be interesting to all your readers to learn which books on piping have had the biggest impact on other readers of The Chanter.

Best regards, Sean Rafferty

Please send any suggestions for Sean to the editor at and she will forward them to him.

I am pleased to announce the reissue of my ‘Carnet de Notes pour la chabrette limousine et autres cornemuses du Centre-France’, with interactive sound. This collection brings together more than 200 melodies for bagpipes. It had been out of print for a long time, it has just been reissued on the initiative of CRMTLimousin and AEPEM.

This work of transcriptions from collections draws its repertoire from the chabretaires, fiddlers and singers of Limousin and surroundings, that I met in the 1970's and 1980’s. I recorded the 200 melodies, played on a limousine chabrette - 18th century copy.

You can listen to all this on this link: We have also attached the original recordings, posted online.

This educational tool for teachers of traditional music, true music lovers and bagpipe enthusiasts is also a creative approach, which makes it possible to perceive a work of re-interpretation and artistic re-appropriation. If you prefer the sound-only version, it is possible to listen to the recordings in streaming here:

The Carnet de Notes can be ordered from AEPEM: Eric Montbel