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No edition of Chanter focusing on the music and personalities of Belgium could pass by without mentioning Blowout favourites, Remi Decker and Griff Trio. Remi has visited the Blowout on a couple of occasions, once solo and then again with his group, Griff Trio. Both times he left a lasting impression – a bundle of energy and enthusiasm, an inspiring teacher all mixed together with sheer musical skill. In fact, it was via Remi that I first came across the Muchoso and there’s even a video of him playing it on the Bagpipe Society YouTube channel: The Griff Trio entertained hugely and also impressed with their tight ensemble music, playing some quite tricky rhythms and arrangements but all with absolute precision - and a dose of good humour too. The memories of the group can be re-lived by listening to their CDs but, not being at all adept at picking up a tune by ear (especially with some close harmonies being employed) I can’t begin to play the tunes without the dots. Well, I don’t have that problem any longer!

Remi has produced the Griff Tunebook. It’s 72 pages and richly illustrated throughout with photos of the group in their various incarnations. The 22 pieces are selected bagpipe pieces from their four CDs and some of my favourites are included such as Autumn Comes, the basque inspired Carnaval and the wittly named How Many Goats. There are many more. They are predominantly 3 part arrangements (as befitting their trio status!) but there are also a few 2 part pieces. They are arranged for different combinations of pitches such as 2Gs and a D, a G and 2 Ds, G and 2 Cs and some include Uillean pipes (although these lines can be played on Ds). So, they won’t suit everyone but compromises can always be made! I may finally have to get to grips with recording on Garage Band so that I can actually play these in their full glory during lockdown and in the absence of other pipers.

The tunebook is on sale now from the Griff website and it is available in downloadable pdf format. It’s a pay what you wish system – but please give generously! If you want to look before you buy there’s a link to a 23 page preview version which includes a few selected highlights.

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