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Anatomy of a Bagpiper - Version 2

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Greetings fellow Baglings

As promised in the last issue of Chanter, here’s the Anatomy of a Bagpiper of the female kind – deadlier than the male as any fule kno.

When it was suggested I should draw a female piper to go with the happy chappie who appeared in the last Chanter, I must admit I scratched my head for a bit. What on earth did women pipers look like, I wondered. As it happens, once I got started, there was no end of ‘anatomy points’, and this is the end result.

By the way, if you’re wondering what on earth ‘Mallet for pocking people’ means, ‘pock’ is the sound the mallet makes when you, well, pock someone with it. Think ‘60s Batman – kerblam, zowie, kerpow, and er….pock.

If you’d like a copy of this bad girl, or last issue’s bad boy, do let me know. The image is copyrighted, so copying it would be a bit naughty, but I might be able to oblige you with a print or a postcard here and there, just in time for Christmas.

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