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As you might have gathered from Cassandre’s account, the Virtual Pub session at the end of the IBO was something of a success, so a new monthly event has been established. It is now open to pipers everywhere.

Dronehenge is a monthly “virtual pub” open to bagpipers around the world. Held on Saturdays starting around 17:00 GMT, a time equally inconvenient to those in Europe (for whom it’s too late) and North America (for whom it’s too early), the goal is to provide social interaction for pipers. Players (or aspiring players) of any type of bagpipe are welcome, although most participants so far have been from outside the Scottish traditions.

Each session consists of discussion, remote sharing of drinks, and demonstration of music. Meetings are held via Zoom and coordinated via a Facebook group Individuals interested in attending who do not use Facebook can send an email to Arle Lommel ( to receive notifications about scheduled meetings and call-in details.

Editor’s Note - Many apologies but I ran out of space to give all the piping themed cocktail recipes showcased at the Virtual Pub. I’m sure Cassandre will be pleased to share them if you contact her!