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From the Chair

We have come a long way since the Society was founded 33 years ago when, unsurprisingly, we were largely focused on the English piping revival, being aware of how much had been lost in terms of instruments, regional playing styles and repertoire - outside of the robust and thriving Northumbrian tradition. Since then we have witnessed an explosion in historical research, rediscovery and reinterpretation of the old tunes and a revival and development of English bagpipes, some totally new and others inspired by historical references and other cultures. I think I am confident in saying that English piping in 2019 is in pretty good shape and stands well in comparison with other more long-established pipe traditions. Long may it continue.

As I write, our current membership stands at 285, which continues an upward trend and it is particularly pleasing to see the increase in non-UK members who now make up a third of the total. We have always had an international outlook and we have kept this in mind when choosing the performers at the Blowout and what articles to publish in Chanter and I would like to think that this is in part responsible for our increasing international reach.

Despite this, we are conscious that we could do more for our non- UK members, for example where event funding is concerned, and we would be very pleased to receive applications for financial support from any of you. We are currently looking at supporting the translation of an important book from German to English and in the past we have given grants to the International Bagpipe Conference and the Pipers’ Gathering in the US but beyond that all other projects have been UK based. Do let us know if you have a project in mind – there is money in the bank and part of it is yours for the asking.

Committee News

There have been some changes and additions to the committee. Michael

Ross is standing down as Treasurer/Membership Secretary and his replacement will be Rob Heath; Roger Landes joins as Non-UK committee member and Kirsten Baron is now my apprentice Blowout organiser. I also welcome Richard Buxton as member without portfolio, but we’ll soon change that, I am sure!