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Learning to Play Border Pipes

We have now started to post instructional videos on our YouTube channel, in response to a number of enquiries from novice pipers. I had a long discussion about format and content with Jeremy Cooper, who produced the excellent Blowout 2015 video, and we decided on a series of short tutorials covering the basics, such as bag inflation and pressure control, each being of only 5 or 6 minutes duration. One afternoon of filming produced the first eight, which were posted in November and we intend to start work on another batch soon. I see this as the start of an open ended project which can be added to and expanded indefinitely, but am well aware that I am not the fount of all knowledge as a piper and that others may have different approaches, so I would welcome contributions from any piper. There is no reason why we cannot have categories for intermediate and advanced technique, other types of bagpipe or regional/national styles, for example. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in the next stage: You can see the videos via our Facebook page or YouTube at