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Over the last few years, we have regularly announced that The Society has money available to support bagpipe related activities (3 Chanter mentions in the last 2 years alone), without too much uptake, and now - finally - requests are rolling in! To make the funding allocation as fair and open as possible, we have decided:

  1. To set aside a sum of money for this purpose every year, the amount depending on the health of our bank account;
  2. Invite members to apply for this money between the period of December and March (the time between Winter and Spring Chanters);
  3. The applications will be considered by the committee. Depending on the nature of the proposal, applications may be brought to the AGM for discussion by the membership;
  4. Agreed funding for that year will be awarded from early June onwards

Three applications to the Society were successful this year: £500 each was awarded to:

  • The Piper’s Gathering – to cover costs of visas and other expenses incurred in bringing UK based tutors to the States.

  • International Bagpipe Organisation – a contribution towards staging the bi-annual International Bagpipe Conference in Glasgow in February 2016 (see elsewhere in Chanter for further details).

  • Medieval Music in the Dales – for funding bagpipe focused events at this new festival happening in September 2016. Danilo Turchetti, from Italy, will be demonstrating and exhibiting his range of medieval bagpipes and Paul Martin will be giving workshops on playing medieval music on bagpipes.

As I have said before, one of our aims is to encourage piping in its broadest sense and if you are considering an activity that could benefit from some financial support, then please get in touch. I am happy to talk through proposals with you and assist in putting something together if that would help.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Ian Clabburn