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Marcha Procesional de San Benito arranged for D and G pipes

JTLO Workshop

That stands for the ‘John Tose Light Orchestra’, a name Ian Clabburn came up with last year for my G and D pipes harmony workshop. I’ll be doing it again this year, but this time with something a little easier - a nice slow processional from Galicia. In addition we’ll probably have a go at something from the previous two years repertoire.

The Marcha Procesional de San Benito was composed by Xose Benito Gonzalez of ‘Os Dezas de Moneixas’ fame. This group was founded in 1925 and continued for 60 years. Xose, one of the gaiteros, is pictured in the photo on the following page.

The tune has become one of the standards for Galician pipe bands and I’ve made a fairly simple arrangement of it for bagpipes in G and D. The G pipes carry the melody in the first part while the D pipes have it in the second.

John Tose