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A weekend with Callum and Matthias Dec 2019 in Chanter 2019 Winter

On the last weekend of October, about a dozen or more bagpipers turned up to a new course at Halsway Manor, taught by not one, but two young piping wizards: Callum Armstrong and Matthias Branschke promised to help us use bagpipes in an ensemble situation. On arrival, we were split into two groups depending on our choice of bagpipe: the group of G-pipes was the more numerous, with only 4-5 pipers selecting D border and Uillean pipes.

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This week, I’ve been listening to two different combos featuring the Dutch bagpiper Wouter Kuyper. First in the CD player was BmB‘s 2021 offering, ' Ge vindt wel een taal’ (which Google translates as ‘You will find a language’). In addition to Kuyper’s bagpipes, recorder and shawm, BmB consists of Luc Plompen on vocals and guitar, and Nick van Uden-Luteijn on accordion. All tracks are for dancing, and helpfully labelled as gavottes, mazurkas, bourrĂ©es etc.

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