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With the new website comes the long-awaited Members Directory. This is a directory of all members who tick the box entitled “Include me on Membership List”. At time of publication 130 members (the majority) have ticked this box and will be included on the list.

How to find it

Click ‘Members’ at the top of the website, then ‘Member directory’.


The Members’ Directory will be available to members only, so your details won’t be available to the public or included in any search engines. You’ll find details of how to sign into the members site at the front of Chanter.

The directory will include:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • First half of postcode

  • Country

We hope this is enough to allow members to find and contact each other whilst including the minimal possible amount of information.

Joining or Leaving

If you want to add or remove yourself from the directory:

  1. Click on ‘members’ at the top of the website

  2. Click ‘sign into membermojo’

  3. Sign in to MemberMojo as you normally would

  4. Click ‘Your Membership’ at the top of the MemberMojo screen

  5. Click ‘View or Edit Details’

  6. Click ‘Edit’

  7. Tick or untick ‘Include me in the membership list’

  8. Click ‘Save’

If you have any problems, questions or feedback contact .

We are settling into our new website, including making available articles from our thirty year history. If you spot something inaccurate, garbled or missing, or if you want to volunteer to help us improve our site, please mail info@bagpipesociety.

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