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For many of the longer standing Bagpipe Society members, the annual subscription renewal date will be falling due at the end of December. If you presently pay your subscription by bank standing order, you need to read on.

Earlier this year, we moved to another new system, Membermojo, to replace Webcollect in administering subscriptions. At the same time, we also moved away from 31th December as a common renewal date, so for new members joining since then their renewal falls due on the anniversary of their joining the Society.

Membermojo issues reminders as the due date approaches and provides a link from our website through to Paypal to receive payment and to update our records. If the subscription is not recorded as paid by the due date, membership is suspended and access to all of the goodies on our website (except payment!) is restricted. All of this happens automatically and painlessly, but it also, unavoidably, affects those using our other favourite method of payment, the bank standing order. This is because standing orders are always intended to be paid on the due date, but we pick them up from our bank statement, i.e. after the due date, perhaps a month after. Besides receiving superfluous reminders, there will be a window when access to the website is denied. Having identified this problem in advance, I shall be monitoring the situation from 1th January 2016 very closely to make sure that there is continuity of membership but if anyone is inconvenienced, even for a short time, drop me a line on and I will work out a quick fix somehow.

We are settling into our new website, including making available articles from our thirty year history. If you spot something inaccurate, garbled or missing, or if you want to volunteer to help us improve our site, please mail info@bagpipesociety.

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