Join us and help support the work we do in promoting the bagpiping revival.

The membership of the Bagpipe Society is made up of players, teachers, makers of instruments, and people who just love listening or dancing to the sound of the pipes.

In addition to helping us promote the bagpiping revival, members receive:-

  • Four copies of our journal Chanter, containing expert articles on playing technique, tips for makers, tunes, album reviews, band profiles, details of piping festivals and events.

  • Full access to the our archives, which allows you to read all back-issues of Chanter and read new editions of Chanter as they come out. Members can download PDFs of all back-issues.

  • Direct, early notification of information about secondhand pipes for sale, events etc.

  • Free online advertisement, with photos, of bagpipe-related items you may wish to sell on.

  • Facility to borrow the Society’s pipes by individuals wishing to try their hand at piping or who are waiting for a set of pipes of their own to be made. A copy of the Loan Policy can be found here.

We also have an Overseas Digital Only subscription which gives you full access to the Archive, including editions of Chanter as they are published and PDF downloads. We also have overseas option which entitles you to the paper version of Chanter as well as full access to the Archive.

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