(House of Mythology 2016) Most Society members will know Mike York from his work as a bagpipe maker with Jon Swayne, as the most recent member of Zephyrus, and as piper in legendary French dance quartet, Red Dog Green Dog. However, Mike has another side to his restless musicality, playing pipes and especially analogue modular synthesiser in a range of experimental bands. The Stargazer’s Assistant is one such project, and Remoteness of Light is their most recent album.

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In the bag Aug 2016 in Chanter 2016 Autumn

As told to Andy Letcher Vicki studied at the Royal College of Music on the double bass and took up the pipes just after leaving music college. For her master’s degree she chose to ignore any good advice and ploughed her own path by teaching the smallpipes using podcasting, developing a teaching pedagogy she now also applies to the nyckelharpa. You’ll now find Vicki inhabiting the troll ridden forests playing her Swedish bagpipes, bagging tunes for new books.

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Medieval Music in the Dales Jul 2016 in Chanter 2016 Summer

2nd- 4th September 2016, Bolton Castle, Wensleydale - Box Office Now Open! Medieval Music in the Dales is the new medieval music festival being organized by medieval minstrels, Trouvere. Bagpipes are a really important part of the event and we are immensely grateful for the support of The Bagpipe Society, who are funding Danilo Turchetti (Musica Inspirata) to exhibit his magnificent medieval bagpipes at the festival. It was our first bit of funding and cheered us on enormously as we planned the event!

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Tools of the Trade Nov 2016 in Chanter 2016 Winter

1 In this short article, I’m going to tell you about the pewter inlaying technique I use to decorate the bohas I make. I learnt the technique from Bernard Desblancs, with whom I was lucky enough to learn my trade for eleven years. In the seventies Bernard learnt a lot - decoration included - from a Slovakian musician called Anton Vranka, as bohas share many characteristics with other single reed European bagpipes.

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Forthcoming Events Nov 2016 in Chanter 2016 Winter

Bagpipess Weekend at Halsway Manor, Somerset. Friday 10 to Sunday 12 Feb, 2017 A jam-packed programme of diverse bagpipe playing styles, with some of Europe’s top players. The bagpipe tutors this year are David Faulkner (Britain) and Toon Van Mierlo (Belgium), both very talented players and teachers!  We will be exploring traditional English and Border Music plus new and traditional music for European Dance and also look into different and more unusual dance rhythms (for example 3/2, 9/8) and various playing styles, and explore how we can express emotion though our playing.

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In The Bag: Linsey Pollak Nov 2016 in Chanter 2016 Winter

Linsey is well known all around Australia as a musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator. He has toured his solo shows extensively in Europe, North America and Asia since 1996. He established The Multicultural Arts Centre of Western Australia as wells as performing at most of the major Festivals around Australia. On top of recording 33 albums (solo & with various groups), he has worked as an instrument maker for 40 years and has designed many new wind instruments.

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Chanter Winter 2016 Nov 2016 in Chanter 2016 Winter

Winter 2016, Edited by Jane Moulder Vol 30, No 4

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Chanter Autumn 2016 Aug 2016 in Chanter 2016 Autumn

Autumn 2016, Edited by Jane Moulder Vol 30, No 2

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Chanter Summer 2016 Jul 2016 in Chanter 2016 Summer

Summer 2016, Edited by Jane Moulder Vol 30, No 2 Alexander Khudolev This 19 century piper is based on a medieval original. It is one of 96 carvings on the flying buttresses of St John’s cathedral in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, the home of Hieronymus Bosch.

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Chanter Spring 2016 Mar 2016 in Chanter 2016 Spring

Spring 2016, Edited by Jane Moulder Vol 30, No 1 Professional Tulum player, Ghengus Alkan from Rize, Turkey, leads his ensemble in the parade of participants at the Strakonice Festival. (photo: Mike Paterson) Carving on a building in Malestroit, Brittany, France. From the collection of Bill Reese.

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