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The Bagpipe Society Compendium edition of “Drone Rage” and “The Register”

Traditional and contemporary Music for Bagpipes in the Key of D composed and compiled by Dave Rowlands. A prolific composer and skilled expondent of the D-pitched modern English Border Bagpipe, Dave has brought together his previously published compositions and a selection of traditional tunes into a single volume. “Great tunes that bring out the best in these pipes”

£12 including postage (UK)

Essays on The Bagpipe in England by Dr R Cannon

Essays on The Bagpipe in England. Its History, Music and Iconography

A Celebration of the pioneering work of Dr Roderick Cannon BA, D Phil

This limited edition is published in recognition of the significant role played by Rod in the revival of the English bagpipe, as presented to him in a special celebration at The Blowout in 2014.

It contains three essays and testimonials by influential figures in the bagpipe revival.

Hardback. £12.50, including postage (UK)

The Bagpipe Society Book of Irish Music

This well received book, compiled by Dave Rowlands, contains 187 tunes from the Irish tradition, arranged to fit the compass of the “European” bagpipes in the key of D.

£12.00 inc postage (UK)

The Second Bagpipe Society Book of Irish Music

This book, also compiled by Dave Rowlands, contains a further selection of tunes from the Irish tradition, arranged to fit the compass of the “European” bagpipes in the key of D.

£12.00 inc postage (UK)

The Master Piper – nine notes that shook the world. Ed.Matt Seattle

The most recent edition of The Master Piper, William Dixon’s 18th century Border Bagpipe Repertoire, was launched at the Bagpipe Society Blowout on Saturday 11 June 2011.

From the back cover:

“Beyond all reasonable doubt, this is the oldest known manuscript of bagpipe music. Need I say more? It’s one of the great discoveries of the century. It takes the history of Border piping back by two or three generations and gives us a whole new way of playing the bagpipes. But don’t just take my word for it: play the tunes, learn them, and see how well they ‘lie under the fingers’. It’s the real thing…….”
Roderick D Cannon, Music Editor, The Piobaireachd Society, November 1995 £20.00 inc postage (UK)

Playing The Bagpipes (tutor book + CD)

‘Playing the Bagpipes’ by Bernard Boulanger

The highly acclaimed English translation of the French bagpipe tutor, ‘Playing the Bagpipes’ by Bernard Boulanger is available in the UK, only from us.

The book is most thorough, taking you from the first puff, up to complex ornamentation in easy stages.

Each step is accompanied by an appropriate musical example, which is played slowly and then at the correct speed, on the CD

This is an ideal tutor for the “Swayne G Pipes” £28.00 inc postage (UK)


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