Van Hees, Jean-Pierre

On Saturday morning, just as people were arriving, Thodoris, one of the volunteers, walked up to me and whispered: “Wow! I had no idea Andy Letcher was such a rock star!” This is what the International Bagpipe Conference is about: putting faces to names (sometimes they look like proper rock stars), meeting new people, creating contacts and having a piping time. This year’s International Bagpipe Conference was held at the National Piping Centre in Glasgow.

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Review - Un infini sonore by Jean-Pierre Van Hees Mar 2015 in Chanter 2015 Spring

Coop Breizh, ISBN 978-2-84346-637-3 There are a number things that hit you when you first see this book – that it’s big, heavy, sumptuous, glossy, richly illustrated – and in French. But don’t let this last fact put you off. Yes, of course, it helps if you can understand French but even if you can’t, I still think this wonderful book has something to offer anyone who loves and appreciates bagpipes.

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