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For those of you leading busy lives who might not have the time or inclination to read a thousand words of text without checking your email or social networking feed here is the “executive summary” in 140 characters: “This is a good book for £12 with good tunes in it. If you have an interest in playing Irish music on the border bagpipes, you should buy it.” Having thus satisfied the Twitterati and their ilk, we can afford to adopt a slightly more discursive style and go into a bit more detail.

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This is Dave’s second book, following on from his first one - Drone Rage - reviewed here a few issues ago. Unlike the first it is virtually all traditional material except for one by John Kirkpatrick - ‘Bread and Jam Waltzer’ - and adding up to 72 tunes in total. At first glance I thought that you would have to have a set of Swaynes or similar to play them, but a closer perusal of the contents showed that about half were playable as written on single octave pipes and a few more with only slight modification as most pipers are familiar with doing.

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Drone Rage – Music for Bagpipes by Dave Rowlands Sep 2009 in Chanter 2009 Autumn

This edition is from our archives, so it is presented as scanned pages rather than text. You may need to scroll to find the article you’re looking for.

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25 Years of Blowout Saturdays Mar 2017 in Chanter 2017 Spring

This year marks the 25th Blowout. The Bagpipe Society began in order to support the re-emergence of English piping in the ’80s. To me, the Saturday night Blowout concert reflects what is best about the state of piping in any one year. And then the bal afterwards shows how we keep up the quality and let our hair down at the same time. Last year, as I emerged from yet another incredible Saturday night concert, it struck me that these concerts demonstrate the maturity of the Bagpipe Society and its willingness to experiment.

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Blowout 2016 Mar 2016 in Chanter 2016 Spring

3rd to 5th June Savage Prunes (concerts, Saturday, Sunday) In 2015, the Savage Prunes won the ‘Petites Formations’ competition at ‘Le Son Continu’ music festival, since when they have expanded into a trio. The group is particularly influenced by European folk, as well as baroque, Celtic, jazz, techno, and classical music. Callum Armstrong is an innovative piper whose questing approach to the hitherto unexplored acoustic possibilities of the smallpipe is taking the instrument into areas most of us have never encountered.

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Review: Duets suitable for two D bagpipes Sep 2021 in Chanter 2021 Autumn

Is your playing in a rut? Playing the same tunes from the same books and sources? Same style and periods? Do you want the opportunity to stretch yourself? Then why not try this latest book published by Dave Rowlands? It’s a bit of a pot pourri: tunes of different styles – from classical, folk to Baroque; some dance pieces - Alamaines, Pavans, Gavottes; and tunes across a range of technical difficulty.

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The Bagpipe Society Compendium edition of “Drone Rage” and “The Register” Traditional and contemporary Music for Bagpipes in the Key of D composed and compiled by Dave Rowlands. A prolific composer and skilled expondent of the D-pitched modern English Border Bagpipe, Dave has brought together his previously published compositions and a selection of traditional tunes into a single volume. “Great tunes that bring out the best in these pipes” £12 including postage (UK)

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Blowout 2015 Jun 2015

Who performed in 2015: Trio Matta Rouch Balázs Istvánfi and András Németh Jon Swayne and Becky Price (Bal) Rohan Kriwaczek Paul Martin Chris Allen Dave Rowlands Andy Letcher John Tose Trio Matta Rouch Trio Matta Rouch Welcome to this talented trio of musicians and instrument makers, who have done so much to revive and sustain the music, traditions and instruments of the Occitan region of southern France.

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