Lazarevitch, François

DEMO May 2021 in Chanter 2021 Spring

Dear All This year’s blowout will be held online! Click here for more details. Let’s look forward to making up for this next year at Blowout 2022 (10 to 12 June) 😀 Stay healthy! Ian Chanter Spring 2021 The Spring 2021 edition of Chanter has been published. Read all about it. Chanter Winter 2016 The Winter 2016 edition of Chanter has been published. It’s the second edition to be published through the new website, and members can read it online.

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In Conversation with François Lazarevitch Feb 2021 in Chanter 2021 Spring

AK: You’ve done a lot of work in what you could call it the archaeology of sound. On the one hand we find traces in written sources, like the treatises of Quantz and Hotteterre… on the other hand recordings of the last generation of cabrette players. But can you apply what’s written in classical/early music texts to traditional music? And do you find the same kinds of articulation, ornamentation and phrasing in early 20th century traditional music that you do in the music of the baroque?

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