Astbury, John

The Bagpipers of John Astbury Dec 2015 in Chanter 2015 Winter

I have recently been in correspondence with Jenny Coxon, dulcimer player and music researcher, in connection with my ongoing search for Hale the Piper. As a result of our correspondence, she very kindly offered me some photographs of a Staffordshire pottery figure which she had in her collection and were now surplus to her requirements. I was, of course, a grateful recipient and I am pleased to be able to include the photos in this edition of Chanter (rear cover and left).

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Calls and Responses Mar 2016 in Chanter 2016 Spring

From time to time, Ian Clabburn (as the recipient of the website e-mail address) responds to questions sent in from members and non-members on a wide variety of piping issues. These can range from the simple “Where do I get a bagpipe from”, through to more complex style or technique related questions. Therefore, to relieve the pressure on Ian, I thought of opening this up to all members. Put in your call for help and hopefully a response from other members will follow!

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