Andreev, Cvetelin

Travels with a Gaida Dec 2015 in Chanter 2015 Winter

Mike Billington with one of his gaida tutors, Cvetelin Andreev If anyone knows Mike Billington, either in person or from his Facebook page or website (, then you will know that he is something of a collector of bagpipes. I’m not sure what his total is up to now but it must be about 20 different types and the number seems to be growing at a steady rate!

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In the Bag Jul 2016 in Chanter 2016 Summer

Cvetelin Andreev has been playing the Rhodopean Kaba Gaida since 2005. Since then the gaida is always in his hands, mind and heart. He now performs at concerts, festivals, weddings and events and has playing with world-famous musicians such as Carlos Nunes and Theodosii Spassov. He began teaching the kaba gaida in 2010 to bothadults and kids. He founded - a platform for kaba gaida online. Besides music, Cvetelin has been involved in technology startups since 2003 year acting as founder, partner and occasionally Java Full Stack software developer.

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