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CD Review - Woodwose - Live at Dartmouth Dec 2019 in Chanter 2019 Winter

Many of us are familiar with the wonderful 2012 recording by Woodwose ‘Dancing Stones’ and will have been on the lookout for more in this vein from Steve and Katy who have for a long time delighted us all with their sweet bagpipe and gurdy mix. This album introduces us to two talents who may be less familiar to those of us in the bagpipe and gurdy world: Katherine Christie Evans with a wonderfully warm voice and Richard de Noronha providing a powerhouse of perfectly judged rhythmic patterns.

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On a beautiful summer’s day in 2011, cabrette specialist André Ricros – also founder of the Agence de Musiques des Territoires d’Auvergne (AMTA) in 1985 – went to a musician’s banquet in the village of Cantouin. Set on the hills looking over to the wild flanks of the Cantal, dotted with picturesque villages gracing the foresty green slopes and overlooking a large blue lake created by a man-made dam, Cantouin is registered as one of the most ‘remarkable cities’ of France.

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