In the Bag Dec 2019 in Chanter 2019 Winter

Yentl Schattevoet aka the Dreadlock Piper is a Scottish pipe player from the Netherlands, currently living in that other bagpipe-loving county, Bulgaria. She took up the GHBs in 2005, and played with her local pipe band (now named Venlo Caledonian Pipe Band) throughout Europe at various festivals, tattoos and other events. Yentl also played and competed with the Stockbridge Pipe Band when she was studying a year abroad at the University of Edinburgh.

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The Music of Migration Dec 2019 in Chanter 2019 Winter

Everyone should have a fundamental human right to listen to their culture’s music, and make their own if they want to. It’s part of who we are, and room needs to be created for it everywhere, especially in cities. **Palestinian Bagpipes and Musical Freespace I was with a bunch of musicians aboard a traditional bragozzo sailing boat of the Veneto in September, circumnavigating the perimeter of the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale at the Arsenale.

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