For Sale: Musette Bechonnet in G-C Mouth-blown

  • 3 drones in G - g - high g
    • Wood species is French cormier. Nicely colored in the years.
    • Wood grain is attractively figured.
    • Chanter/drone stock is in ebony and inlaid with walnut and teak / maple.
    • Ivoirine mounting rings of artificial horn.
    • The bag is of dark brown buffalo leather.
    • The instrument is completely overhauled. New bag and reeds. Everything oiled and polished.
    • Very nice sound, in perfect state, having been virtually unplayed by the original owner.
    • It is possible for this instrument to be converted to bellows-blown.
    • Modification costs in consultation with the builder Frans Hattink.

€ 1750 Contact: fransfokje’at’

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