For Sale: Säckpipa by Alban Faust

This säckpipa was crafted by Alban Faust in 2013. It is his fully loaded variant that he calls the “nothern uilleann pipes.” The instrument is made out of olive wood with reindeer horn and blackwood mounts. It features three drones, the highest one matches the main note of the chanter, the middle one provides a 4th/5th, and then the lowest one is an octave lower than the main note on the chanter. Each drone is tunable up or down one whole step. This allows the drones to be used with any of the three chanters. This drone configuration also allows for playing in a plethora of different modes. The chanters included are in C/F, D/G, and E/A, the C/F and D/G have an additional key to extend the range by one note. All chanters include the maximum amount of double holes, allowing for more chromatic possibilities. I also will be including some cane and other reed making supplies specific to säckpipa. Depending on the shipping costs I may be able to include a nice case for it. I originally paid $5,000 for this instrument and waited about two years for it to be made. I am asking $3,750 or best offer. The instrument is located in the U.S. but international shipping via EMS or FedEx can easily be arranged.


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