The International Bagpipe Collection in Spain Mar 2011 in Chanter 2011 Spring

I had never had any interest in, or appreciation of, bagpipe music until I joined the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice at the age of 16, in 1958. I served a three-year full-time Apprenticeship at RAF Halton, near Aylesbury, and found that RAF Halton was the centre of bagpipe music training for the RAF, with there being three full-size pipe and drum bands, all manned by Apprentices. One of my first RAF memories is that of the “Hoovers” being tuned in the early morning Autumnal mists during my first term at Halton, with the sounds echoing back from the Buckinghamshire beeches which cover the Chiltern hills which surround half of the camp.

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Bagpipes in Austria - A Story of Diversity Jul 2016 in Chanter 2016 Summer

Austria is known throughout the world mostly for the music of Wolfgang A. Mozart, “Silent Night” and “The Sound of Music” (although I have to reveal at this point that hardly anyone has seen the film here). Little is it known to most bagpipers in the world that Austria, too, has had and continues to have a story of piping, and an interesting one at that. The Austria the world knows today is actually a quite young country and consists of only a small part of what was once the Habsburg Empire (which throughout history was commonly labelled as “Austria”) and thus part of the greater Holy Roman Empire.

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Bagpipe Gallery Jan 0001

Estonian Torupill played by Sandra Sillamaa Matt Seattle, playing the border pipes Gaita, Valencia, Spain zampogna, Italy zampogna Marco Cignitti Cabrette players - Auvergne, France Yan Cozian et Martin Lassouque Lefteris Grigoriou Denise Quail “I was playing at the RSPCA Pirate Day in Derby!

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