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The Online Library Mar 2014 in Chanter 2014 Spring

This edition is from our archives, so it is presented as scanned pages rather than text. You may need to scroll to find the article you’re looking for.

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A New Website for the Bagpipe Society Aug 2016 in Chanter 2016 Autumn

To mark our 30th anniversary, the society is getting a new website. You’ll find information about bagpipes, the society, and the complete archive of everything we’ve published since our founding. If all goes to plan, the site will have launched by the time Chanter goes to press. Chanter Online In addition to the paper copy, members will now be able to read new editions of Chanter directly on the website. This means that our members will finally be able to achieve their ambitions of reading the latest development in Cabrette tuning on their smartphone on the number 38 bus.

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Members’ Directory Aug 2016 in Chanter 2016 Autumn

With the new website comes the long-awaited Members Directory. This is a directory of all members who tick the box entitled “Include me on Membership List”. At time of publication 130 members (the majority) have ticked this box and will be included on the list. How to find it Click ‘Members’ at the top of the website, then ‘Member directory’. Privacy The Members’ Directory will be available to members only, so your details won’t be available to the public or included in any search engines.

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The Bagpipe Society has been publishing newsletters, diaries, articles and its magazine, Chanter. Our archives contain 30 years of material that cover the bagpipe revival, as it happened, up to the present day. The quality of some of the material on the site isn’t great. If you find something that’s illegible, please contact us at . We have also tagged a large number of articles, but there is always more work to do.

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We are settling into our new website, including making available articles from our thirty year history. If you spot something inaccurate, garbled or missing, or if you want to volunteer to help us improve our site, please mail info@bagpipesociety.

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