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The Voice of the Wind Mar 2020 in Chanter 2020 Spring

Five years ago, my dissertation “Die Stimme des Windes” was published as a book by a German publishing company focusing on Linguistics. As my academic field is that of languages and my private interest that for bagpipes, I was lucky to be able to combine those two and thereby create a thorough study of the history of bagpipes from the perspective of language. My thinking was: If no early specimens of bagpipes survive and iconography fails us, language is the only thing we can turn to on our quest for answers.

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This article has been edited to be spread over two editions. In this first instalment, Michael explores the modern revival of bagpipes in Austria and in the Autumn edition of Chanter, he will feature the current makers of the instrument. Part One: A bagpipe? In Austria? 1756: Carnival “Here comes the Peasant Wedding (…) It also has a bagpipe and a hurdy-gurdy in it.” Thus Leopold Mozart described his most recent work to his publisher in 1756.

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