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Settala’s Sordellina: Steps in Reconstruction Feb 2021 in Chanter 2021 Spring

You may remember that the sourdeline, or sordellina in Italian, is a scholarly bagpipe, with bellows, equipped with two, three or four chanters, invented and played in Italy between the 16th and the 17th century. This fantastic bagpipe has been the subject of several recent studies and proposals for its reconstruction. Here is the account of our research, construction and bringing back to life the sordellina inspired by Manfredo Settala1 (1600-1680, Milano).

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The recreation of a complex instrument as seen from a luthier’s point of view. The “Musette de Cour” that I had the honour to recreate is an old, original specimen and is presently kept at the Calvet Museum in Avignon and was probably made by Martin Hotteterre at the end of the 17th century. Eric Montbel invited me to work with him on this ambitious project as he had seen in me a luthier who was prepared to take on the recreation of such a complex instrument.

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