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The Polesworth Pipe Jun 2011 in Chanter 2011 Summer

It’s a Friday evening at the end of May in the Staffordshire village of Polesworth. In an alcove off the hall of the community centre, instrument-maker Tony Millyard is supervising the installation of the woodworking lathe that would usually be in his workshop (“For the technically sad amongst us it’s a Union Graduate, considered by all to be the very best wood lathe ever produced on these shores”). Over the next two days a unique event will take place in this tiny space.

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Putting Bagpipes on the Map Jul 2016 in Chanter 2016 Summer

At the International Bagpipe Conference in Glasgow Feb 26 28 Pete Stewart and Julian Goodacre officially launched a new website . Julian writes: I started making English pipes in 1983. Apart from the Northumbrian pipes, there was no living tradition of piping in England at that time, and no actual English bagpipes had survived, so the best I could do was to develop pipes that were based on looking at surviving early carvings, paintings, illustrations and other depictions of bagpipes in England.

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English Bagpipe Music of the 17th Century Aug 2016 in Chanter 2016 Autumn

Music proclaiming itself to be for the bagpipe, either published or in manuscript, first appears in the North East of Scotland in 1717. In his seminal 1972 essay ‘English Bagpipe Music’1, Roderick Cannon introduced a resource which took researches into this topic back another 40 or 50 years, to Playford’s Musick’s Recreation on the Viol, Lyra-Way of 1661, which contained five tunes for the bass viol set up in ‘the bagpipe tuning’.

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