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In the second part of my article on zampogna, I will say a little about the process of making one and introduce my contribution to plastic reed technology, the “Parr spine”. Bet you can’t wait. I will also explain the title of the article, “Full Circle”, which will lead us on nicely to the extraordinary experience of the zampogna festival in Scapoli. I’m conscious that there was a slightly hysterical, overwrought tone to Part One and I will try to be a little more sober in Part Two.

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Full Circle - First Steps on a Zampogna journey Dec 2014 in Chanter 2014 Winter

This edition is from our archives, so it is presented as scanned pages rather than text. You may need to scroll to find the article you’re looking for.

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The EMS Bagpipe kit Mar 1986 in Chanter 1986 Spring

This edition is from our archives, so it is presented as scanned pages rather than text.

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Calls and Responses Mar 2016 in Chanter 2016 Spring

From time to time, Ian Clabburn (as the recipient of the website e-mail address) responds to questions sent in from members and non-members on a wide variety of piping issues. These can range from the simple “Where do I get a bagpipe from”, through to more complex style or technique related questions. Therefore, to relieve the pressure on Ian, I thought of opening this up to all members. Put in your call for help and hopefully a response from other members will follow!

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If procrastination really is the thief of time then I must be a sort of temporal Great Train Robber. It’s not that I have fewer or less interesting good ideas than the next man, but it seems to take me an eternity to actually make them happen. It was thus with the Great Linseed oil Project of 2015. I had known for years that various of my colleagues used impregnation systems to drive oil deep into the wood of their instruments.

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