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Bagpipes and all things Medieval May 2020 in Chanter 2020 Summer

Bagpipes and all things Medieval - Gill Page Medieval Music in the Dales is the UK’s only festival of medieval music and we are really grateful for the continued support of The Bagpipe Society, our most consistent and valued sponsor. Every year we have featured Beginner Bagpipe sessions, usually run by Paul Leigh of Trouvere, and it’s a known fact that several shiny new bagpipers have been brought forth as a result… Most years, we’ve also had workshops for more experienced pipers, customarily run by Durham’s own Paul Martin.

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Medieval Music in the Dales Nov 2016 in Chanter 2016 Winter

Medieval Music in the Dales is a new festival of medieval music, taking place each September at Bolton Castle in Wensleydale. 2016 was our first time out, and we were really grateful to get funding from The Bagpipe Society to support our efforts. In fact it was our first tranche of funding and gave us a great feeling of encouragement! The weekend featured concerts, workshops, open stages and – a crucial part of the event – an exhibition by instrument makers.

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Bagpipes at Medieval Music in the Dales 2017 Nov 2017 in Chanter 2017 Winter

“If there is a heaven, I hope it’s a bit like Medieval Music in the Dales”… It’s always nice to get feedback, but that particularly made my day. Heaven will have to feature bagpipes, because there were plenty of them at Medieval Music in the Dales 2017. Our theme was ‘Spain Comes to Yorkshire’, and we had two magnificent pipers from Spain. Sponsored by The Bagpipe Society was Eduard Navarro, who gave an illustrated presentation on the historic and traditional reed instruments of Iberia, and also a concert with percussionist and string-player Jaume Pallardó.

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