Branschke, Matthias

Tools of the Trade Mar 2015 in Chanter 2015 Spring

As a German bagpipe maker, I live in a region where there is a tradition of playing double and single reed bagpipes. That’s how I came to be making Säckpipa! You may not be aware, but the thickness of the wall of a chanter influences the tuning of the scale of a chanter. This fact creates some problems when it comes to making the scallops on a Säckpipa chanter. Sure, one could carve them.

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Tools of the Trade Mar 2017 in Chanter 2017 Spring

Oval in 10 minutes – Making a Berrichonne Stock The topic for Tools of the Trade is the jig I made for sanding the oval chanter stock for my Berrichonne Cornemuse. The stock is oval in shape and has two parallel bores running through it. It is 120mm long for the G model and the challenge is to make the stock to a good and consistent shape. I hadn’t made one of these since setting up my own workshop so I had nothing in place to do the job.

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