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CD Review: Molten Amba – Slide to the Side Aug 2018 in Chanter 2018 Summer

They say that timing is everything! Jane had sent me this CD for review a few weeks previously but I first listened to it on one of those glorious sunny and warm April days we’ve had this year. I should really have been outside, but found myself with a rather tedious administrative job to complete. So, bound to be inside to prevent my papers from flying about, I decided that was the morning to listen to Molten Amba.

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Orchesographie Lizzie Gutteridge is a well-known bagpiper, shawm player, and in more recent times a publisher of music in parts for shawms and for bagpipes. Just now she has fewer gigs to practise for, and has turned her attention to the wealth of music in Arbeau’s Orchesographie. All the music in Orchesographie is given as a single line, with the exception of Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie where Arbeau gives a four-part harmony.

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CD Review Mar 2016 in Chanter 2016 Spring

The Early Folk Band - Robin Hood - Ballads Songs and Dances Miriam Andersén, Gesine Bänfer, Susanne Ansorg, Ian Harrison, Steven Player ‘It is a tale of Robin Hood, Which I to you will tell, Which being rightly understood, I know will please you well.’ From a True Tale of Robin Hood, Martin Parker, 1632 Ian Harrison and Gesine Bänfer are very fine pipers – and who of those of us at the 2006 and 2007 Blowouts can forgot their fine piping – and as such need no further introduction, but you may not be aware that they are also very fine shawm, cornet and recorder players (try to hear them playing with their medieval and renaissance wind band, les Haulz et les Bas).

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Review: Duets suitable for two D bagpipes Sep 2021 in Chanter 2021 Autumn

Is your playing in a rut? Playing the same tunes from the same books and sources? Same style and periods? Do you want the opportunity to stretch yourself? Then why not try this latest book published by Dave Rowlands? It’s a bit of a pot pourri: tunes of different styles – from classical, folk to Baroque; some dance pieces - Alamaines, Pavans, Gavottes; and tunes across a range of technical difficulty.

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