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Experiments with Composing for a Bagpipe Duo Dec 2019 in Chanter 2019 Winter

Over the last few years I have enjoyed experimenting with bagpipes. My piping philosophy has been to always try to stick to what the bagpipe wants to do naturally, and then push the boundaries in all directions. Moreover, to ask myself what can a bagpipe do that other instruments cannot do so well. With this in mind, I decided to start a bagpipe duo, in order to experiment with the possibilities that two bagpipes could offer over just one solo bagpipe.

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Book Reviews Dec 2019 in Chanter 2019 Winter

Book: The Following Tunes (Volume I) by Callum Armstrong - Jon Swayne The Following Tunes (Volume I) by Callum Armstrong is a snapshot of this remarkable musician’s recent or not so recent bagpipe compositions. As he says in his introduction, its publication was in response to encouragement from friends and workshop participants. Its appearance will surely be welcomed by them. Such is the speed at which he responds to new stimulus in the way of instruments or playing partners, that it’s unlikely to be representative of the present state of affairs for very long, and soon they will be clamouring for Volume II.

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In the Bag: Callum Armstrong Mar 2016 in Chanter 2016 Spring

Callum Armstrong is an experimental piper who enjoys exploring the possibilities of the pipes. He won the solo prize in 2014 and the ‘Petite Formation’ Prize in 2015 with Cellist George Pasca at the ‘Son Continu’ Festival in France. Callum has recently collaborated with Julian Goodacre to develop a smallpipe chanter with almost 3 octaves, and is currently working developing a technique for the ‘double Scottish smallpipe chanter. Amongst Callum’s current projects are learning and developing reeds for ancient auloi and learning the Musette de cour.

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